The Script

To make a movie, you need a script. There are exceptions, as always, but as a student filmmaker, you’ll have one.

Writers of all sorts will say that: Writing is re-writing. I didn’t get that until I started to work on my final drama at the HND. I sat down to write it in the middle of November and wrote my first draft in about three weeks.

And that was Welda.

At least, the first draft.

To have a brother who is well-versed in anime and fantasy, and who would give you his piece of mind more than happily (cough, bhasthard, cough), is a treat in this case. I also have a couple of lecturers who would be happy to give me advice regarding my work, just as well as the members of my writing club or some of my friends. I showed all the pieces with relevant changes to people whose opinion I valued, and I listened and re-wrote and listened and re-wrote and listened and re-wrote.

Before I handed in my second – supposedly final – draft, I wrote or at least started another three versions: Welda 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0.

The second draft was named Welda: Origins, because I love origin stories and it is, in my mind, a prequel for all the things which will happen to this fierce, strange girl. It was very different from the original version. For example, there was only one bully, the school and its inhabitants were common, non-magical creatures and Welda did grow from a flat-arched hero (which I am deeply fond of, by the way) into a hero with a positive arch.

I hope you are counting, we are on the fifth version so far.

I uploaded my second draft in mid-January and soon after got my feedback back. It had great suggestions, so I sat to it to re-write Welda once more. Or so I thought.

No significant changes occurred from there onward, but a lot of polishing was required. I wrote another two versions, namely Welda 5 and 6 before I eventually decided to go with the last version. I named it Welda final, most importantly to remind myself that: YOU ARE FILMING IN TWO WEEKS!

It was fun writing Welda. It was also mid-March, and my start date for the shooting was the 1st of April. And that’s where you put your producer hat on and curse the writer.

Because while it is true that there is no film without a script, it is also true that a script is about as far from a movie as a blueprint from a car. And that’s where the producer comes in. And to what does a producer do? I’ll tell you next time.