TV – Week 3

So far, I have enjoyed the 4th episode of the current Doctor Who series on demand. I have to say, I am pleased. It wasn’t a brilliant episode in my opinion, but it was a good, old fashioned one and its new Doctor is excellent. Also, Jack Harkness, come on, Jack Harkness! One must love the Face of Boe.

I also watched an episode of Sabrina, the revamped series on Netflix. I am not a fan of the main actress, can’t quite tell why but I do like the rest – however, it’s hard to watch something if you have a problem with MC as they tend to be on screen for at least 45 minutes out of 50. However, the trailer of the 3rd series caught my eye and I couldn’t help but wonder that it’s so engaging, maybe I can bear with her? We’ll see. Note: trailers work. See? I sure cracked the TV industry in an afternoon.

A big chunk of our Drama Production class was given to us to talk about our projects’ current state with the whole class and our tutor, also within our individual groups. Early days. We also talked about scheduling, call sheets and script breakdown. That was followed up with a Health & Safety session in the afternoon. Pretty useful stuff for a future producer.