TV – Week 4

As usual, when I start to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work required of me, I started to watch Netflix. It does help me clear my mind and rest, but it can take away precious hours or DAYS of my time. Time, I could use for productive work. However, on a course which bears the name Television, that can be put down to research. Some of it. Eh.

A series called The Seven Deadly Sins turned out to be my sin for the last weekend. I binge-watched all of it. It is a dark fairytale. An anime series adapted from a manga, full of inappropriate humour, painful secrets and sacrifice. During the week, I started a new Netflix Original, the Locke & Key. Most of the characters are unbearable, their decisions frequently devoid of any logic, their behavioural patterns range from self-destructive to just plain dumb. Which is fair, given the trauma they have experienced and the situation they tumbled on which would be a trying one for any. The storyline hooks the viewer and doesn’t let go. The camera is brilliant, and the soundtrack gives me the creeps — the good ones.

As for the Drama module, we had a productive week. A meeting on Thursday launched us into the development of the script which was on hold for a while. We discussed many ideas, cut scenes, argued about the characters, the meaning and a filmable version started to emerge. Another meeting is due on Monday, which will hopefully take us to a finalised script for Wednesday.