TV – Weeks 5 and 6

Things are starting to get busy.

I was thinking of writing my essay on female-led fantasy and sci-fi series. How they had changed my life, showing me strong, independent women. I am certain that I am one of many, who can thank Buffy, Xena, Sidney Fox and others to be as self-assertive and adventure-hungry as I am today. However, I find the subject vague and elusive. I’d need to put a lot more effort into the research than I can afford for this essay.

However, I did spend my weekend watching True Blood the first time, as a non-productive but highly entertaining consequence of my initial research into the topic of female-led fantasy TV. Brilliant, so far.

It reminded me of a pet hate of mine, which is now the focus of my newly found topic. Why can’t we see dicks on TV? Full-frontal, naked women bodies are overflowing in particular fantasy series. Come on, people, do you think there is no such thing as a female gaze? Let’s break this taboo, it’s old and ridiculous. Fortunately, the change is happening, so keeping the idea in the collective consciousness is essential. I’ll let you know how I’m getting on with this topic.

The other reason behind my second unproductive weekend in such a short time is that my last week was… frustrating. The ability to successfully work with others is crucial both as a producer and as a director. I managed to fail at that on both accounts. We have a script which needs to be developed into a workable one, and we are running out of time. We have a multi-cam operation to run, and the people don’t seem to know what their roles entail. And I don’t seem to be able to communicate my displeasure without being upset and upsetting everyone. There is still time to work on those leadership skills, though. I am not as bad as I was last year, so there is hope. However, I can take only so many shouting matches, whether I am the originator or not. Hence, I get to be very friendly with Sookie Stackhouse. I wonder if there will be full-frontal nudes of any of my favourite male characters…