Napier TV Final Project Development – Part 1

So, there we go—the start of a new school year. My final year on the BA (Hons) Television course. I am to write a short journal entry every week as evidence of my learning and participation in the development process of my final project. It should be capped at around 500 words. That divided among the 12 weeks until the hand-in deadline leaves me with 41.6666 words per week. (69 words…)

Fine. It’s an intro. And it’s two weeks worth anyway, first being the induction week.

In preparation for our first class, we had to do a Coronavirus Training on the Screen Skills website. It was a bit dry (health&safety never disappoints) but the test provided at the end had some hilarious wrong answers, it made my day.

Lots of ideas from the first class to make the doc I have in mind. It seems I am on the right track. One of the examples, Landline, was very similar to what I have in mind and another, Directed by Tweedie, is from one of my inspirations to do the kind of doc I am planning. (99 words… Ah, well…)